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Aaron E. Goodstein Procedures PDF Print E-mail

Procedures for Litigants appearing before

Magistrate Judge Aaron E. Goodstein




Extensions of Time

In all civil cases, a party seeking the extension of any deadline should confer with all other parties in the case to determine whether the extension is contested. 

If all parties agree to the extension, a joint or agreed motion or a stipulation should be filed with a proposed order. The deadline is not extended until the court enters an order regardless of the stipulation. 

Any request for an extension of time, including a stipulation, should set forth the reasons for the extension, such that the court can determine whether good cause exists under Fed. R. Civ. P. 6(b).

Courtesy Copies of Electronically Filed Documents

It is usually unnecessary to submit paper copies of electronically filed documents. In limited circumstances, e.g. when a filing is particularly lengthy, the court may contact the filing party and request the filer to provide the court with a courtesy copy in paper format.


Motions Pertaining to Bail

Prior to an adjudication of guilt, all motions pertaining to bail (e.g. motion for reduction of bail, modifications of conditions of release, travel requests, and reconsideration of detention orders) shall be addressed to the magistrate judge who set bail or issued the order of detention.

Due to limitations of the ECF system, even when a motion pertaining to bail is electronically filed, the appropriate magistrate judge may not receive notice that the motion has been filed. Therefore, in addition to electronically filing the motion, a moving party shall promptly contact the magistrate judge’s chambers to alert the magistrate judge of the motion.

After an adjudication of guilt, all motions pertaining to bail shall be addressed to the district judge assigned to the case.

Oral ArgumentOral argument is set at the court’s discretion. Most motions are decided on briefs.
Other Rules and ProceduresThis list of procedures is not intended to be comprehensive. Parties must pay attention to and abide by all applicable Federal Rules of Procedure, this District’s Local Rules, the court’s orders, and the procedures set forth in the ECF User Manual.