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General Orders

Filed Date General Order Description Download
02/03/21 Appointing Mark A Cameli, Lanny Glinberg and Pajarita Charles to Federal Defender Board (General Order 21-3) General Order 21-3 appointing Mark A. Cameli, Lanny Glinberg and Pajarita Charles to the Board of Directors of Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, Inc.
08/30/19 Appointing Attorneys Broussard, Friedman, Jacobs and Khandhar Appointing E. Marie Broussard, James Friedman, Michelle Jacobs, and Payal Khandhar to the Board of Directors of Federal Defender Services, Inc.
01/08/19 Appointing Federal Defender Services Re First Step Act of 2018 Appointing Federal Defender Services to advise individuals regarding eligibility under Section 404 of the First Step Act
09/20/18 Reappointing Attoneys Strang and Meyer (General Order 18-6) General Order 18-6 reappointing Dean Strang and Steve Meyer
03/27/17 Reappointing Attorneys Flaherty and Simon (General Order 17-3) General Order 17-3 reappointing Daniel T. Flaherty and David W. Simon
03/27/17 Setting Uniform Termination of Directors' Terms (General Order 17-2) General Order 17-2 setting uniform termination of directors' terms
08/21/15 Appointment of CJA Counsel Re Johnson Decision Appointment of CJA counsel for defendants pursuing claims for relief in light of Johnson v United States
12/11/14 Authorizing Federal Defender Access to Sealed Documents Re Minus 2 Reductions under Amendment 782 USSG 2D1.1 Order authorizing federal defender access to sealed documents relevant to the determination of eligibility for a reduced sentence under Amendment 782 USSG 2D1.1
09/15/14 Administrative Order Re Petitions for Retroactive Application of Amendment 782 to USSG 2D1.1 Administrative Order regarding petitions for retroactive application of amendment 782 to USSG 2D1.1