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General Orders

Filed Date General Order Description Download
12/15/21 Appointing Shar-Ron Buie and Jason Meehan to the FDSW Board (General Order 21-17) General Order 21-17 appointing Shar-Ron Buie and Jason R. Meehan to the Board of Directors of the Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, Inc.
12/03/21 Appointment of Additional Panel Attorneys (General Order 21-14) General Order 21-14 appointing additional panel attorneys.
02/23/21 Appointing Attorneys Brian Dimmer and Carl Johnson as CJA Panel Attorneys (General Order 21-6) General Order 21-6 appointing attorneys Brian Dimmer and Carl Johnson as CJA panel attorneys
03/25/20 COVID-19 Virus Public Emergency Re Authorizing Interim CJA Vouchers (General Order 20-5) General Order 20-5 regarding COVID-19 virus public emergency re authorizing interim CJA vouchers
02/27/20 Appointing Attorneys Hart and Ahmad to CJA Panel (General Order 20-1) General Order 20-1 Appointing Attorneys Eric Hart and Aneeq Ahmad to CJA panel
01/07/19 Appointing Additional CJA Panel Attorneys Appointing Attorneys Geoffrey Misfeldt, Eric Maciolet and Lee Schuchart to CJA panel
03/16/17 Appointing Attorneys Christoperson and Stiller to CJA Panel Appointing Attorneys Jane Christopherson and Dan Stiller to CJA panel
08/21/15 Appointment of CJA Counsel Re Johnson Decision Appointment of CJA counsel for defendants pursuing claims for relief in light of Johnson v United States
03/26/03 CJA Plan (Amended 2003) CJA plan amended 2003
04/22/99 CJA Plan (Amended 1999) CJA plan amended 1999