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FAQs: Finance FAQ

  • Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

    Yes, the Clerk's Office accepts credit card phone payments.  Please contact the Milwaukee or Green Bay Clerk's Office, and ask for cashier.

    Milwaukee: 414-297-3210

    Green Bay: 920-884-3720

  • Why was my tax refund intercepted?

    Tax refunds are intercepted through the Treasury Offset Program and Wisconsin Tax Intercept Program, and are applied to the outstanding balance of your criminal debt.  If the amount intercepted is more than you currently owe, you will receive a refund.  Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for a refund.  Please contact the US Attorney's Office Financial Litigation Unit at 414-297-1700 if you have additional questions.

  • I have a question regarding my monthly payment statement.

    Monthly payment statements are generated by the US Department of Justice.  If you have questions regarding the information on the statement, please contact the US Attorney's Office Financial Litigation Unit at 414-297-1700.

  • I am a victim in a criminal case and need to report a change of address.

    To report a change of address, please contact the Clerk's Office Financial Department in writing, at 517 E. Wisconsin Ave, Rm. 362, Milwaukee, WI 53202 or via email.

  • Who can I contact to obtain my case balance?

    To request a case balance, or case payment history report, please send a written request to the Clerk's Office Financial Department, 517 E. Wisconsin Ave, Rm. 362, Milwaukee, WI  53202, or email the Financial Department.  Case balances are not provided over the phone, and are given only to the defendant or attorney of record for the defendant.

    Note: Pursuant to regulations adopted by the Judicial Conference of the United States, information regarding payments made in criminal cases is not available to the public and may only be provided to the restitution payee (victim), to the defendant, or to counsel of record for the defendant.

  • My criminal debt is paid in full. How do I obtain a Satisfaction of Judgment?

    To receive a Satisfaction of Judgment contact the U. S. Attorney's Office Financial Litigation Unit at 414-297-1700.

  • I am selling my house and the title report shows the US District Court has a lien on my property.

    A lien was filed with the register of deeds if you posted a property bond for an individual charged in this court.  If you believe the case has concluded, it is likely 1) there was never written request for release of property bond filed with this court;  or 2) the Satisfaction of Mortgage was never filed with the register of deeds. For assistance, please contact the Clerk's Office Financial Department at 414-297-3417.  You may need to file a written request with the court, along with a Satisfaction of Mortgage, to have the lien released.

    For more information on property bonds, please see Procedures on Posting Real Estate.

  • How often are restitution checks issued to victims?

    The Clerk's Office issues restitution payments to victims once a month.   Payments are generated when at least $25 is available for disbursement to a victim.  Payments are disbursed pursuant to victim information listed in the criminal judgment.  If a defendant is not making payments, restitution checks will not generate in that case.  Checks are issued by the US Treasury Department and the check stub will contain case information.

  • What forms of payment does the Clerk's Office accept?

    The Clerk's Office accepts cash, personal checks, business checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and credit cards.  Personal checks or credit cards are not accepted for criminal bond.

  • Does the Clerk's Office send a receipt when I make a payment by mail?

    If you would like a receipt to be returned to you, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.