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Workplace Relations

The Judiciary is committed to ensuring an exemplary workplace free of sexual harassment, discriminatory harassment, abusive conduct, discrimination, and retaliation. If workplace conduct concerns arise, employees are encouraged to report it as soon as possible.

Employment Dispute Resolution Plan for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.



How to Report Wrongful Conduct

Contact Information for EDR Coordinators:

Sarah Gunn | 414-297-3130 |
Joan Harms | 414-290-2648 |
Paula Bartels | 414-290-2699 |
Emily Breslin | 414-290-2663 |
Laura Flower | 414-297-1952 |

Circuit Director of Workplace Relations
Lynda Schoop | 312-435-5779 |

National Office of Judicial Integrity
Michael Henry | 202-502-1603 |