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Mediation in Civil Cases

Parties in a civil case may request that the matter be referred to a magistrate judge for mediation.  

When the parties agree that mediation may resolve their case, the presiding judge will refer the case to a magistrate judge for the limited purpose of conducting mediation.

Effective June 15, 2015, for all cases referred to a magistrate judge for mediation, the magistrate judge conducting the mediation will be selected by random draw. This applies to all pending civil cases as of the effective date and to all cases filed thereafter. It will apply to all cases assigned to a District Judge and to a Magistrate Judge on consent.

The magistrate judge will report back to the presiding judge only the outcome of the mediation.  The magistrate judge does not share with the presiding judge anything the parties said during the mediation, or any offers that either party made.  The magistrate judge tells the presiding judge only that the parties resolved the case, or that they did not.