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Community and Educational Outreach

Kids, Courts, and Citizenship

Kids, Courts, and Citizenship (KCC) is a program for City of Milwaukee students, created by the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association in partnership with the Court, Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the U.S. Probation Office and  the U.S. Marshal's Office in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.


  • To make the landmark E.D. Wisconsin federal courthouse more inviting and accessible to City of Milwaukee students and teachers;
  • To provide a positive educational introduction to students to the work and role of the federal courts and the difference between the federal court and state court systems;
  • To expose students to the many different professionals working in the federal district court: district judge, magistrate judge, court clerk, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, civil attorneys, U.S. Marshal, probation officer, court reporter, and others;
  • To encourage and inspire students to stay in school and pursue higher education; and
  • To inspire students to make good choices so all future opportunities can be open to them.

Visits to the courthouse are available in Spring and Fall each year. Activities may include courthouse and courtroom tours, visit with a judge, career panel, and guest speakers. Eligible schools may apply to Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph by emailing a letter request to The request must indicate the grade, class size, and the time of year you wish to visit.


Summer Youth Institute

The Marquette Law School and Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association Summer Youth Institute (SYI) is a seven day program to introduce City of Milwaukee middle and high school students to the legal system, expose them to careers in law, and provide them with practical tools for their educational goals. Each  SYI class visits the Federal Courthouse for a field-trip. During the visit SYI students tour the historic courthouse, participate in a mock jury trial where they serve as jurors, and meet various attorneys, judges, and other professionals who work and practice in federal court. Judges of the Eastern District of Wisconsin also support SYI by judging SYI’s oral argument which is the grand finale of the SYI program. More information and application for SYI are available on the Marquette University Law School website.


Honorable Charles N. Clevert, Jr. Mentoring and Internship Programs

The Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association (EDWBA) sponsors two programs to further support the mission of SYI: the Honorable Charles N. Clevert, Jr. Mentoring Program and the Honorable Charles N. Clevert, Jr. Internship Program.

During SYI each student is matched with a Charles N. Clevert, Jr. mentor to nurture the student's interests in law beyond the duration of SYI. Mentors are members of the EDWBA from small and large law firms, judicial clerks, government agencies, non-profits, and different practice areas.

Graduates of SYI have the opportunity to apply for a four week internship with the Charles N. Clevert Internship Program. Hosts and sponsors of the internship program include law firms, government agencies, non-profits, corporations, and judicial chambers. Hosts have included the Eastern District of Wisconsin Clerk’s Office, the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office, the United States Probation Office, The Federal Defender’s Office, Chambers of Judge Clevert, and Chambers of Magistrate Judge Joseph. Upon successful completion of the program, participating students receive a scholarship of $500.  

For more information on both programs visit the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association website.


Federal Courts-Sponsored Bill of Rights Student Contest

The United States Courts of Appeals and the United States District Courts in the Seventh and Eighth Circuits hosted the fourth annual Bill of Rights Day student contest.  Students in grades 5-12 from Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin submitted artwork and essays on the importance of the Bill of Rights.  Winning entries can be found on the Judicial Learning Center website.


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Doors Open Milwaukee

The U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building in Milwaukee is proud to participate in Doors Open Milwaukee. Our building offers courtroom tours, building history, architectural tours, speakers, and family activities. See the Doors Open Milwaukee website for additional information.


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