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Payment for Jury Service

Attendance, Mileage and Parking

As a juror, petit or grand, you will receive a check within two weeks of your jury service representing the following:

  • $50 attendance fee for each day you are required to report for jury service, regardless of whether you are selected to serve on a jury;
  • Round-trip mileage at the current GSA rate;
  • Parking:
    • Milwaukee:  $12/day
    • Green Bay:  $8.25/day

Fares for public transportation, including Uber, Lyft, or taxi fares, are not reimbursed.

If you are a federal government employee, the attendance fee may be waived, as you will receive your regular pay from your employer. Please inform the Jury Administrator if you work for the federal government because there are some exceptions to this rule.

Reimbursement provisions are established by federal law and cannot be altered by the court.

Lodging & Meals

If you travel 75 miles or more one way to appear for jury service, you are eligible for reimbursement for overnight accommodations during your jury service.  You will be reimbursed actual lodging expenses, up to the maximum lodging rate, plus a meal per diem, as indicated below.

You are responsible for making your hotel reservations and paying the bill.  For proper reimbursement, your hotel receipt is required by the court.  Reimbursement for hotel and meal per diem will be included in your jury service check.  If you need more information regarding overnight stay, please contact Jury Administration.

Please visit the Juror Instructions page for information about hotels, restaurants, and parking near the courthouse.  When making reservations with the hotel, please ask for the discounted government rate.

You may wish to compare rates at various hotels and restaurants to ensure that your food and lodging expenses do not exceed the maximum daily reimbursement rate. You will not be reimbursed over and above the maximum rates, even if your hotel and meal expenses exceed that amount.

Lodging rates vary depending on the division in which you serve.  The maximum daily reimbursement rates for each division are as follows:

Division Maximum Lodging Rate Meal Per Diem

$128/night (Oct -May; Aug - Dec)

$149/night (June & July)

Green Bay $98/night  $59/day