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Transcript Order Form

** For Federal cases only **

Fill in the form below and click "Submit Order" button after completing the form. Note: All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
All Criminal Justice Act (CJA) transcript requests require pre-approval from the Court.  Upon receipt of your transcript request form, the Clerk's Office will seek Court approval through CJA eVoucher.  You will be notified via email if your request has been approved.  If approved, transcription will commence, and the Clerk's Office will initiate a CJA 24 payment document in eVoucher.  After your transcript has been delivered to you, you will be required to approve the CJA 24 payment document in eVoucher.


When more than one court reporter reported the proceedings requested, a separate form must be used for each court reporter.
You will be contacted directly by the official court reporter assigned to transcribe the digitally-recorded hearing(s) you requested.


Because you have indicated that this is an appeal, a Seventh Circuit Information Sheet should be submitted along with the transcript request when ordering for an appeal.

Seventh Circuit Transcript Information Sheet Download

Please email the completed Seventh Circuit Information Sheet to  Include your transcript order number in your email.


Transcript Delivery Information

*NOTICE: Expedited requests MUST BE PRE-APPROVED by the assigned reporter.
(select all that apply to this order)

You have indicated that this is a CJA transcript request and are requesting an expedited delivery schedule.  Please indicate the reason in the 'Additional Instructions' below.

NOTICE: Upon receipt of this order you will be provided a cost estimate and payment information. Delivery dates are calculated from the date payment terms are accepted.
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