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Attorney Admission

Procedure for Admission to Practice in Eastern District of Wisconsin

 To apply for admission to practice before the bar of this Court, submit the following:

  1. Fully Completed and Signed Application
  1. Please take the oath on the bottom of the application form before any officer or notary who is authorized to administer same, and have your signature notarized.
  2. Please provide your firm's name, address and telephone number.
  1. Proof of Eligibility
  1. An original Certificate of Good Standing (dated within the last 90 days) from any court in which you have been admitted to practice;


  1. An affidavit (dated within the last 90 days) in support of your admission from an attorney who has already been admitted to practice before this Court.
  1. Admission Fee

Please click here for the current admission fee. Please make checks payable to Clerk, U.S. District Court

  1. Please submit application for admission, proof of eligibility, and admission fee together.  Mail to:

            United States District Court
            517 East Wisconsin Avenue
            Room 362
            Milwaukee, WI 53202

NOTE: Certificates of Admission are mailed at the end of every month.  Attorneys who wish to register for electronic case filing (ECF) may call the Clerks's Office to obtain their date of admission. Date of Admission is a required field needed to complete an ECF Registration Form.

Federal Government Attorneys

Pursuant to General Local Rule 83(c)(2)(D) Any federal government attorney authorized by statute or regulation to appear in a United States district court is admitted to practice before this Court.  If you want to become a registered e-filer in this court, click on the Link to Forms below and complete the ECF registration form. 

Multi-District Litigation

Pursuant to the General Rules of the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation, any attorney of record in any action transferred under 28 U.S.C. § 1407 may continue to represent his or her client in any district court of the United States to which such action is transferred; therefore, parties are not required to obtain local counsel in the district to which such action is transferred. Attorneys representing litigants on milti-district litigation cases must register for electronic case filing using the ECF Registration Form - MDL.

Certificate of Good Standing

To request a Certificate of Good Standing from our Court to be used for Admission to another Court please send the following:

  1. A letter request with the Attorney’s name & bar number
  1. Check made payable to Clerk, US District Court. For the current fee per certificate, please click here.
  1. A self-addressed return stamped envelope

Requests are typically processed and mailed the same day they are received. 

Attorney Name and Address Changes

All requests for attorney name or address changes should be submitted to the court in writing. Correspondence should be mailed to the above address.

Link to All Attorney Admission Forms