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Criminal Justice Act (CJA)

ATTENTION CJA ATTORNEYS!  Beginning May 11, 2024, you will need a account to sign in to eVoucher.  Please follow instructions below for creating a account and linking it to eVoucher. For questions regarding the new login requirements, please contact the Clerk's Office Finance Department (414) 297-3417 or Federal Defender Services (414) 221-9900.

CJA eVoucher Overview

The CJA eVoucher System is a web-based solution for submission, monitoring and management of all Criminal Justice Act (CJA) functions. The eVoucher program allows for:

  • On-line authorization requests by attorneys for service providers
  • On-line voucher review and submission by the attorney
  • On-line submission to the court
  • On-line voucher approval by the court


CJA eVoucher Attorney Registration

Please contact Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin Inc. (414) 221-9900 for CJA panel registration and appointment information.  After you have been appointed to a case, you must complete the Attorney Registration Form and AO 213 for Attorneys in order to be registered in eVoucher.   Email completed forms for this district to  Clerk's Office finance staff will contact you with login and password information. 


CJA eVoucher Instructional Information for Attorneys

Video - Signing into eVoucher with  **NEW**

Creating a Account  **NEW**

Adding Multi-Factor Authentication to  **NEW**

Adding Identity Verification for eVoucher  ** NEW**

Linking your eVoucher account to  **NEW**

Signing in to eVoucher with  **NEW**

Accessing and Editing your Single Login Profile  **NEW**

Linking Multiple Court Accounts

Modifying Court Profile

Attorney User Manual

CJA 20 Associate Functionality for Attorneys

Requesting Authorization for Service Provider

Payment of Service Provider

Requesting Authorization for Transcripts

Audit Assist Functionality


CJA Guidelines & Policy

Eastern District of Wisconsin CJA Plan

Notice to Court-Appointed Counsel of Public Disclosure of Attorney Fee Information

CJA Guidelines - Guide to Judiciary Policy

Judiciary Travel Regulations

Court Interpreting Guidance


CJA Forms

Criminal Appointment Application

eVoucher Attorney Registration Form

AO 213 Form - Attorney Billing Information

AO 213 Form - Service Provider/Expert Vendor Information

CJA 26 Supplemental Information Statement for a Compensation Claim in Excess of Statutory Maximum

CJA 26A Instructions for Supplemental Information Statement


Contact Information

Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, Inc. for information about:

Milwaukee:  414-221-9900                        Green Bay: 920-430-9900

  • Panel Information
  • Appointments Not Appearing in eVoucher
  • Help with eVoucher
  • Status of Submitted Vouchers
  • Local Policy Questions

Clerk's Office Financial Department for information about:

Email:     Telephone:  414-297-3417

  • eVoucher Technical Questions
  • Help with eVoucher
  • eVoucher Change of Address / Billing Information / Firm Name
  • Lost Check / Check Reissue
  • Questions regarding IRS Form 1099MISC
  • Questions regarding CJA Judiciary Guidelines