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Transcript Orders

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    Seventh Circuit Transcript Information Sheet

A Seventh Circuit Information Sheet should be submitted along with the transcript request when ordering for an appeal.


All Criminal Justice Act "CJA" transcript requests require pre-approval from the Court.  Upon receipt of your transcript request form, the Clerk's Office will seek Court approval through CJA eVoucher.  You will be notified via email if your request has been approved.  If approved, transcription will commence, and the Clerk's Office will initiate a CJA 24 payment document in eVoucher.  After your transcript has been delivered to you, you will be required to approve the CJA 24 payment document in eVoucher. 

When more than one court reporter reported the proceedings requested, a separate form must be submitted for each court reporter.  If the hearing was electronically recorded (no court reporter was present), transcription will be assigned to one of our official court reporters.  The assigned court reporter will contact you with a cost estimate and payment terms before processing your order.

For questions regarding transcript orders, contact:

Denise La Brie
Reporter Coordinator

414-297-3996 Fax: 414-297-3253

John Schindhelm
Reporter Supervisor




John Schindhelm
Reporter Supervisor
Susan Armbruster 414-290-2641
Thomas Malkiewicz 414-290-2642