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Pro Bono Program

Pro Bono Program

The Eastern District of Wisconsin has pro bono opportunities, primarily in prisoner civil rights cases. When ruled necessary, the court recruits for limited purposes—such as helping a prisoner prepare and respond to discovery or representing a prisoner during mediation—and for full representation—such as representing a prisoner at trial on claims that have survived summary judgment. For a complete list of current opportunities, please visit the Pro Bono Opportunities page.

Recruiting Pro Bono Attorneys: If the court decides a prisoner does not have the capacity to litigate on his or her own, the court will make efforts to find an attorney willing to represent the prisoner on a volunteer basis. For a description of the efforts the court makes to recruit volunteer attorneys, please see the Recruiting Pro Bono Attorneys page.

Resources for Pro Bono Attorneys: The court understands that attorneys may have questions about representing a prisoner. Resources are available on the Resources for Pro Bono Attorneys page. 

Reimbursement of Expenses: The District Court Fund is used for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred by court-recruited lawyers who volunteer to represent indigent plaintiffs in civil cases not covered by the Criminal Justice Act. For more information, including the Regulations Governing the Reimbursement of Expenses in Pro Bono Cases and reimbursement form, please click here.

Pro Bono Attorney Recognition: The court greatly appreciates the service of the attorneys who volunteer their time and skills to assist the court and pro se plaintiffs. Please visit the Pro Bono Attorney Recognition page for information about the annual Pro Bono Attorney Recognition Luncheon and the Pro Bono Attorney Honor Roll.

Judge William C. Griesbach discusses the professional growth that can be realized by working on a pro bono case in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

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