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Pro Bono Attorney Recognition

Pro Bono Attorney Recognition Luncheon - The court  greatly appreciates the pro bono service of its Pro Bono Attorney Panel members.  Each October, in conjunction with National Pro Bono Week, the court and the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association host a luncheon with the Judges of the Eastern District of Wisconsin, to honor and thank the pro bono attorneys who have completed their pro bono representation in the last year.

 *While we were not able to meet in person in October 2020, the following lawyers would have been honored at a 2020 luncheon:

                                    2020-2021 Pro Bono Attorney Honor Roll

Crystal N Abbey Vanessa K Eisenmann Kathy L Nusslock
Thomas A Agnello James P End Ryan Ogren
Munjed A Ahmad Matthew T Fricker Anne V O'Meara
Christopher E Avallone Kate E Gehl Ryan N Parsons
Philip C Babler Jeffrey J Guerard Timothy J Patterson
Timothy L Baldwin Christopher G Hanewicz Matthew W Petersl
Priya Barnes Timothy M Hansen Robert Theine Pledl
Heather M Bessinger Janet L Heins Cynthia J Rigsby
Gabrielle E Bina Patricia Linn Jenness Hugo P Rojas
Jesse L Byam-Katzman Steven G Kluender S Edward Sarskas
Nathaniel Cade, Jr. Brandon M Krajewski Michael H Schaalman
Katharine H Campbell Joseph A Kromholz Casey Paul Shorts
Veronica L Canton Michael R Laing David W Simon
Rodger K Carreyn Michael C Lueder Jonathan T Smies
Joseph R Cincotta Elizabeth K Miles William F Sulton
Amber C Coisman Samuel M Mitchell David J Turke
Alexander M DeGuire William P McKinley Stacy C Gerber Ward
Aaron A DeKosky Mollie Ambrose Newcomb Adam E Witkov
Nathan D Eisenberg Blake A Nold Lauren N Zenk