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General Orders

Filed Date General Order Description Download
07/10/84 Order of Reference Order referring bankruptcy cases to the bankruptcy judges
07/28/83 Plan for Court Reporting Services Plan for court reporting services
03/30/83 Pretrial Services Order Pretrial services order
07/10/81 Amending Jury Plan re Questionnaires Amending jury plan re questionnaires
06/11/81 Assignment of Prisoner Complaints Direct assignment of prisoner complaints to the judge having a pending case.
01/30/81 Amending Jury Plan re Persons Excused from Service Amending jury plan re persons excused from service
04/08/76 Service of Criminal Summonses on the Menominee Indian Reservation In the matter of service of criminal summonses on the Menominee Indian Reservation
11/27/74 Designating Court Reporters as an Extension of the Clerk of Court Designating court reporters as an extension of the office of the Clerk of Court
02/05/71 CJA Plan (1971) CJA plan pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act of 1964
Plan for the Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors (Amended Juror Selection Plan - 1985) Plan for the random selection of grand and petit jurors