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General Orders

Filed Date General Order Description Download
03/26/10 Memorandum of Understanding re WI DOJ Admitting Service of Process Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Wisconsin Department of Justice regarding admitting service of process on behalf of respondents in pro se litigation.
04/28/08 Procedural Order Re Electronic Transcripts Procedural order regarding filing of electronic transcripts
04/08/08 Plan for the Administration of the District Court Pro Bono Fund Plan for the administration of the district court pro bono fund.
11/10/04 Assignment of Cases to the Green Bay Division (Amended) Case Assignment to the Green Bay Division (Amended)
10/13/04 Amendment to Electronic Case Filing Procedural Order Amendment to electronic case filing procedural order
07/30/04 Memorandum of Understanding Re Collection and Processing of Criminal Fines, Restitution, Special Assessments, and Pretrial Diversion Orders Memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the collection and processing of criminal fines, restitution, special assessments, and pretrial diversion orders
12/05/03 Establishment of Court Security Committee Establishing Court Security Committee
10/03/03 Rescinding Standing Order Re Transmittal of Documents in Bankruptcy Appeals Rescinding standing order regarding the transmittal of documents in bankruptcy appeals
09/29/03 Electronic Case Filing Procedural Order Electronic case filing procedural order
06/06/03 Reassignment of Criminal Cases to Green Bay Division Defendants released to supervision residing in the Green Bay Division shall be assigned to the Green Bay Division