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General Orders

Filed Date General Order Description Download
09/20/18 Reappointing Attoneys Strang and Meyer (General Order 18-6) General Order 18-6 reappointing Dean Strang and Steve Meyer
06/29/18 Reappointment of Full-Time Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph Reappointment of full-time Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph
03/14/18 Memorandum of Understanding Re WI DOJ Consent to Magistrate Jurisdiction for Screening Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Wisconsin Department of Justice regarding limited consent to magistrate judge jurisdiction to conduct initial case screening.
03/27/17 Reappointing Attorneys Flaherty and Simon (General Order 17-3) General Order 17-3 reappointing Daniel T. Flaherty and David W. Simon
03/27/17 Setting Uniform Termination of Directors' Terms (General Order 17-2) General Order 17-2 setting uniform termination of directors' terms
03/16/17 Appointing Attorneys Christoperson and Stiller to CJA Panel Appointing Attorneys Jane Christopherson and Dan Stiller to CJA panel
12/07/16 Reappointment of Part-Time Magistrate Judge James R. Sickel Reappointment of part-time Magistrate Judge James R. Sickel
11/10/16 Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds (General Order 16-4) General Order 16-4 regarding deposit and investment of registry funds
05/31/16 Adminstrative Order Re Juror Questionnaires Administrative order regarding juror questionnaires
08/21/15 Appointment of CJA Counsel Re Johnson Decision Appointment of CJA counsel for defendants pursuing claims for relief in light of Johnson v United States